Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ponta do Ouro Accommodation

Ponta do Ouro is situated on the Southern Mozambique Coast. This quaint little town is just 10 km from the Kosi Bay border or 115 km south from the capital city Maputo. 10 km /15 minute drive to Ponta Malongane. It has a beautiful tropical coastline and is known for its scuba diving.
The Road to Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane is not marked so be very sure you do this during the day and ask for directions if you get lost. From Maputo you have to take the Catembe ferry near the Maputo Shopping centre across to Catembe (+-R150). From there you follow the road R201 to Bella Vista this road should take you all the way to Ponta do Ouro but be careful the road splits all over the place but generally meets up again - Make sure you are heading South/South East. If you need to download the .

From Durban - Take the N2 Toll road past Ballito and Richards Bay/Empangeni. Durban to Richards Bay +/- 1.5hrs (178km). Take the Hluhluwe off-ramp. Richards Bay to Hluhluwe turn-off (R22 road) +/- 1hr (97km) Turn right over the highway. Continue through the town of Hluhluwe, following the Sodwana Bay signs. Turn right over the train tracks and continue straight to Mbazwana. Hluhluwe to Mbazwana +/- 1hr (77km). At Mbazwane, continue straight following the Kosi Bay Border (Farazela/Kwangwanase) signs. At the T-junction, turn right around the traffic circle. Continue through the town of Manguzi (Kwangwanase) Mbazwana to Manguzi +/- 30mins (68km). Manguzi to Border +/-17km (10mins)

From Johannesburg - Take the N12 through Witbank and Middelburg. Take the Hendrina off-ramp. Travel through Hendrina, Ermelo, Piet Retief and Pongola. Continue until you see the Jozini sign on your left. Turn left after the town of Jozini, and cross over the Jozini dam wall. When you reach the T- junction turn right. Continue through the town of Kwangwanase (Manguzi). You will see the Kosi Bay Spar on your left. At this point, it is approx. 17km to the Kosi Bay (Farazela) border

From Border to Ponta do Ouro - The trip to Ponta do Ouro/ Ponta Malongane is very tricky especially in summer when the sand gets very hot and tends to get very tacky especially if you are towing a trailer / boat etc. . 4x4’s are necessary to cover the sandy dune road from the border to the resort. Border to Ponta Malongane +/- 20min/17km. Keep left after the border, following all ‘dune road’ signs to Ponta Malongane.
Any Accommodation in the The Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane area is best accessed through the Kosi Bay border. The border is approximately 630kms from Jo’burg and 460kms from Durban and is open 7 days a week (08h00 to 17h00). Between the border and any of the accommodation in the area a 4x4 vehicle is required due to the soft sandy roads. Should you not have one; a border transfer can be arranged. Your vehicle can be left at the parking lot just before the border at a charge of R 40.00 per day (price subject to change). The parking lot is privately run and secure.

Please allow ample travelling time to get to the Border before it closes as road conditions aren't always good and can slow journey time down considerably. There are often potholes, lots of trucks and also cattle in the road. Recommended travel time from Jo'burg to the Border is 7 - 8 hours HOWEVER... with the current road works the journey can easily take 9 hours and worst case scenario up to 10 hours. These road works have been around for a good few years and will still be a factor for some time so please do take note of travel time. Should you be coming from Maputo it is a 100km journey from Catembe and takes approximately 3 hours depending on the road condition. It is a sand track and can get very wet in rainy season. From Maputo a ferry can be taken across to Catembe (it takes cars and people).

Border Procedures

Crossing the border from South Africa - Enter the gate and you will be given your gate pass which includes: your car registration and number of people in your vehicle Park your vehicle in the designated parking areas and enter the building, complete a vehicle temporary export document and gate pass, have them both stamped. If you have any questions go to the Customer Services Help Desk. Proceed to immigration, with your passports, where they will be stamped. If you have any export goods to declare, go to the Customs desk where your original invoices must be stamped Proceed to the Vehicle Registration desk (You should have all your vehicle registration documents) and collect the DA341

Complete the DA341 form and have it stamped with your gate pass by the official. Proceed to Immigration desk along with your passport and gate pass and have your passport stamped. If you are not a South African citizen and want to reclaim VAT, present the goods and original invoices at the VAT counter for a VAT refund Return to your vehicle and give your gate pass to the official at the gate, at this stage a Customs Official may ask to search your car. Proceed to the Mozambique border post.

At Mozambique Border - You will receive a gate pass on entering Mozambique, make sure that you obey the directions and signals of the border officers and that you stop or park where they show you. Proceed to the immigration building. Do NOT to let the locals, help you, with the paperwork. Customs officials are not allowed to receive money, but helpers are, so they work together. This means that together they will go through your belongings, to find something, to make you pay for, whereas the customs officials on his own is less likely to go through your belongings.
South Africans do not require a visit to enter Mozambiqu. Soth African passports must be vaild for 6 months after return and have 2 or more blank pages available. All other citizens visiting Mozambique require a visa to enter. You can get your visa at the border post / airport or you can to pre arrange your visa at the Mozambique Consulate closest to your hometown.
News regarding immigration law in South Africa – If any children UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YEARS are travelling overseas or across borders, parents are required to provide unabridged birth certificates at the borders.

What do you need to know? Parents traveling with children would now be requested to provide an unabridged birth certificate of all traveling children according to the new South African immigration law. This applies even when both parents are traveling with their children and it also applies to foreigners and South Africans alike.

In the case of one parent traveling with a child, they would need the following:

• An unabridged birth certificate showing both parent’s details and an affidavit consenting from the absent parent that they acknowledge that the child will be traveling as well as an Id or passport copy. • In the case of one parent being deceased a death certificate will be required. In terms of the new immigration law children traveling without their biological parents or legal guardians and being accompanied by adults need to produce the following: • A written affidavit from both parents or legal guardian consenting the trip. • Copies of parents or guardian identification book or passport. • Full contact details of the parents or guardians of the child or children.

General Information

Keep in mind the border closes by 5pm each day and in season can by arrangement be closed or opened later on approval. You will need to contact Sandy Probert at the Ponta do Ouro OCEANA medical centre (+258 84 847 8110) above the camp site to arrange this for you after diagnosing what treatment might be required. Medical centre in Ponta do Ouro (about 20km away) is equipped with sufficient oxygen to keep someone alive for at least 18 hours including saline drips to deal with most trauma incidents to get you to a nearby hospital in South Africa.

Pharmacy - there is a pharmacy in town that can assist you with minor medical treatments for cuts etc. You can find the premises under the Fishmonger at the end of the mall next to the fishing tackle shop. Contact : Ico for all your medical requirements on +258 82 526 3632

Manguzi hospital South Africa phone number - +27 35 592 0150/1

Malaria - Although this area is in a low risk area and mosquitos and conditions for malaria are lower in this region, we do recomend that you contact a Travel Clinic or your doctor before you travel. Use products like peaceful sleep etc.

Do however, if you do feel strange have it checked out immediately either using your own malaria test kits (available at pharmacies) or see Sandy at the Ocean medical centre to test and analyse your symptoms.

Mozambique as a whole is a Malaria risk Area / Country. We recommend you take precautions and visit your nearest Doctor (you now need a prescription for Malaria Tablets) to prescribe you with whats recommended before you leave for Mozambique. Be prepared and take other Prophylactics like Insect Repellent sprays, Mosquito Coils, light long sleeve tops and bottoms to further prevent bites.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Malaria and what Malaria Tablets is recommended.

The Information below is merely a guideline for those who want to familiarise themselves with some of the Anti-Malaria Tablets. There are a lot of things to consider, but ultimately, you & your doctors are going to have to make the final decision with regards to which Anti-Malaria Tablets to take.

Whats the best Anti-Malaria Tablets to take for Ponta do Ouro? There are different types of anti-malaria tablets available to choose from. Choosing one depends on your medical history and what malaria area you are visiting. The most effective and common anti-malaria tablets on the market today is either Mefloquine (Mefliam) or Doxycycline (Doxitab) which both require a prescription. Contact your nearest doctor to prescibe you with what recommended.

Mefliam vs Doxitab: Mefliam should be taken at least a week before entering the Malaria Area. The Adult dosage of Mefliam is 1 tablet per week and should be taken after your evening meal with plenty of water to wash it down. The course must be continued for 4 weeks after leaving the malaria area.

Mefliam Side effects: Some side effects can include wierd dreams and hallucinations. Mefliam is not recommended if you are planning to go scuba diving in Mozambique. Contact your nearest Doctor for more information regarding Mefliam.

Doxycycline: Doxycycline should be taken a day or two before entering the Malaria Area and the course must be continued for 4 weeks after leaving the malaria area. Doxycycline should be taken after a meal with plenty of water to wash it down.

Doxycycline Side effects: Doxycyline can cause photo-sensitivity (Skin can get sensitive to sun-burn). For Females, Doxycyline can cause vaginal yeast infections (thrush). Doxycyline can also interfere with certain contraceptives (interfierence for about 3 weeks) which means it is important to use additional contraceptive methods (such as condoms) for the first 3 weeks on the Doxycyline course. Contact your nearest Doctor for more information regarding Doxycyline.

Can I still catch Malaria if I take Anti-Malaria Tablets? Yes, Malaria cannot be fully prevented therefore there is a small chance that Malaria can be contracted, which means it is still recommended to take anti-malaria medication. Prevention is better than cure! Though it is very important to notice any Symptoms of Malaria as soon as possible because Anti-malaria medication can hide a lot of the symptoms of Malaria for a few weeks. See Symptoms below.

Malaria Symptoms: Fever Sweating Headaches Vomiting Chills (feeling very cold) Pain in joints (Arthralgia) Feeling very tired or sleepy Cough Fast heart rate Low blood pressure Delirium Anemia (low red blood cell levels in the blood) Jaundice (yellow skin and eyes) Enlargement of liver or spleen Coma If you experience any of the symptoms above, visit your nearest Doctor as soon as possible to get checked / treated.
Shopping tips - In Ponta do Ouro Town

1.There is a ATM to draw money otherwise you will need to bring Rands/Mozambique Meticais.
2.Most Credit cards are accepted in most of the establishments but check before you try and use them.
3.Use rands where menu/prices are quoted in Rands and Meticais where quoted otherwise exchange rates might get complicated and you will come off worst in the transaction.
4.The South African government do NOT allow you to go through the border into SA with wooden carvings, plates etc. Please adhere to this policy to save the stunning Sand Forests from being cut down.
5.Ideally bring your own charcoal also to save the forest here in the region plus it is much cheaper to bring brickettes from your local supermarket.

Ponta Kite & Surf - Quicksilver clothing - If you are looking for quicksilver surf gear then pop in here. They also stock some items for the beach generally. Contact Sarah on +258 84 615 9887 or email :

BCI Bank/ATM - has two ATM’s that have a personal security guard posted outside at all times. You should use the normal precautions but nothing has happened to date that we are aware of. Careful the ATM’s only take 4 digit pin codes.

Pharmacy - The pharmacy is in the mall at the end of the passage where you can find many of the drugs you might need while in Ponta. Call Ico to check if they have what you require on +258 84 526 3632

Fish shop - if it is bait and frozen fish you are after head to the right of the filling station where you find fridges full of frozen fish.

Supermarkito - next to Petromoc Petrol station Supplies - if you are looking for Olive Oil, Olives etc. including cheese this is the place to head to.

Love Cafe and Bistro - Get your favorite Italian ingredients here from pasta to sauces to to Espresso machines. They also keep a variety of wines, olive oil, cheese etc. Contact Michelle on Ponta Patrol - Moz

Market Region

Bread can be obtained form various places in the market but is mainly supplied by Elias’s bakery found next to Fernando’s. Dairy Products - one of the Barrakas in the market has milk, yoghurt - ask for directions. Electronics - Contact ... Dino on Cell : +258.84.861.8060 Vodacom - purchase a sim card at one of the barrakas where you see the Vodacom signs and save yourself some money especially if you have friends and family here on holiday with you. Make sure you purchase the airtime you requirefor data and convert airtime to data by typing *111# and following the menu options : to check your balance on data if you are on a dongle modem and Apple dial *100#
Currency - In the Ponta Malongane and Ponta do Ouro area, Cash in Rands is highly recommended and remember to leave it in a safe spot. The majority of vendors in Ponta accept Rands but if possible bring Meticais as well, which I would use wherever menus or process are advertised in local currency. If you draw money at the local ATM you will be hit with bank fees and exchange rates including drawing from another terminal other than your banks!

Credit Cards - VISA and Master Card with Visa at most establishments in the area - besides the market and dealing with local stores where you will be expected to pay cash and normally in Rands.

ATM - The ATM machine at the local bank in town will accept all major Credit/Debit cards. Draw some Local Meticais here and pay when menu is not in Rands to avoid exchange rate issues.
Electricity - is available at most establishments though in the rainy season can be disrupted for a few hours. Remember to bring torches in case this does happen and any lights you may need for your accommodation needs.

Water - Water generally in Ponta is from boreholes and can be slightly dis-coloured and is advisable not to drink as the sewerage system generally at all establishments and houses are french drains. Bring drinking water with you but in case you do run out many of the vendors supply Ice and Water in town and in the market.

Fuel - Petrol and Diesel is available at the local filling station but be warned at a premium so remember to fill up at Manguzi before crossing the border.
Ponta Malongane Weather - We have the most awesome weather all year round and amazingly when you live here you find the winters @ 13 Deg C cold in the evenings especially if you have been actively involved in the sea all day.

The best times of the year for Holidays is from March to July when the conditions are pretty calm although we could still be affected by tropical storms. From August to November can be quite windy with strong North Easterly winds making great kiteboarding conditions. Surfers tend to come here from January to July when we have big swells caused by tropical cyclones (generally from January - April) but soon the cold fronts hitting Cape Town in South Africa generate swell and hopefully turn the swell South East, which hits the point perfectly for some epic surfing.

Ideal Wind/Swell conditions for your activity. Check the Activity Pages out for operators to assist you.

Scuba Diving - Swell below 2M ; light winds 6-10 Knots ; Wind Direction SW; Cloud cover < 10 Fishing - ditto Kiteboarding - Winds 12-30 Knots; Wind Direction : NE/SE Surfing - Winds < 6 Knots; Wind Direction SW/W ; Swell Direction SE Paragliding - Winds 8-10 knots; Wind Direction SE/E


Beneath the blue waters just off the coast of Ponta do Ouro lies an underwater world rich in marine life, waiting for you to explore it. Some regard Ponta do Ouro as one of the best diving locations in Mozambique.

There are a few Scuba diving operations in Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane area. The closest wouild be at Ponta Malongane - Complexo Turistico Da Ponta Malongane.

They are a PADI resort, so not only can you dive with them on stunning reefs, but you can further your diving qualifications (and even start diving)! They offer Discover Scuba, Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue Dive courses, so there is something for every level of diver! They also have a full scuba gear range available to rent in their dive shop. They stock Aqualung Scuba and snorkeling gear so you can have all the fun of diving without the hassle of packing! Also available are Ocean Safari and learn about our marine animals as we go in search of whales and dolphins for an non-intrusive interaction experience.

In Ponta do Ouro, there are a few more operators like Scuba Adventures, Devocean Diving, and Oceana.

There are more than 30 dive reefs for your viewing pleasure! Ranging from a shallow 8m (for the not so confident) to advanced dives around 50 m. You can stay close to home with our closest reef only 300 m offshore or join us further a field about 7 Km’s. Be you an open water / advanced diver, casual/professional photographer, study of coral/ marine life or just someone who dives for fun, our reefs have something for you!
Deep Sea Fishing is another very popular and competitive activity to do in Ponta do Ouro. Deep and shallow reefs nearby attract large schools of big game fish which ultimately rewards deep sea fishing enthusiasts with tons of action. Common fish that caught include: Sailfish, Marlin, dorado, king fish, King & Queen mackerel, Wahoo, Tuna and a range of other big game fish.

If you do not have your own boat then a Deep Sea Charter boat can be easily arranged with a number of lodges offering that service in Ponta do Ouro. So all Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy a thrilling day of deepsea fishing on their holiday in Ponta do Ouro! Gozo Azul is an enthusiastic & friendly fishing charter, scuba diving and adventure charter group based in Ponta Do Ouro, southern Mozambique and Santa Maria / Inhaca Island Maputo, with more than 16 years experience in the area. Please note: Absolutely no bottom fishing is allowed.

If you taking your own boats, Please ensure that all boats comply with the necessary safety measurements before launching. All oil/ fuel spills must be cleaned up as soon as possible. Fishing charters are available in the area.
Welcome to the incredible world of The Dolphin's Here, a moment below the surface of the ocean will remain with you for a lifetime.

Swimming with dolphins is a truly unforgettable experience that you don't get the opportunity to do anywhere at any time. These intelligent mammals often venture within the bay of Ponta do Ouro, where you can interact with them

Ponta do Ouro Dolphin center, In Ponta have an incredibly special bond with a group of wild dolphins (some resident and others transient to the area) with whom we socialize and have formed some profound bonds and inter-relationships. We feel it is our obligation, and have therefore made it our key purpose, to ensure the well being and preservation of the dolphins, as well as other marine life within the area, at all times.

The dolphin excursions range between 2 and 2,5 hours, with a pre-launch briefing on boat safety, marine life and responsible interactions.

The trip includes snorkeling over one of our shallow reefs, in-water swim facilitation with one of our dolphin guides, and seasonal whale shark and humpback whale sightings. Dolphin in-water observations are not guaranteed due to sightings and the nature of the dolphins, and we do suggest booking more than one launch to have the opportunity to interact with our finned friends.
OCEAN SAFARIS - at Ponta Malongane - Complexo Turistico Da Ponta Malongane- Prefer being above the water? Join us on an Ocean Safari, if you’re lucky the dolphins will even pay us a visit. There are approximately 150 resident Bottlenose dolphins along our coast here in Southern Mozambique. Our ocean encounters are not only limited to bottlenose dolphins. We frequently encounter Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and even Humpback Whales. With one of our facilitators you can learn all about them and the other marine life we see on our trip in a non-intrusive interaction.
The wide open beach generally provides excellent Kitesurfing conditions both for beginner and advanced Kitesurfers, making this a saught after destination for the adrenalin packed sport. If you're unexperienced or would like to start Kitesurfing, then you will be happy to know that you can arrange an experienced kitesurfing instructor in Ponta do Ouro to give you the lessons need to getting started whilst on your holiday.

A kite boarding shop is also present in Ponta do Ouro in the town square below Fishmongas restaurant and next to the Bait shop.
Quad Biking is a fun and fast way to get around Ponta do Ouro and to explore the surrounding area. If you don't have your own quad bike, then you can hire one on an hourly, half-day or daily rate at Golden Beach Village. Full day quad ventures can also be enjoyed in Ponta do Ouro.

No other better way to explore the area than by Quad bike. 4x4 tracks, Sand Dunes, inland lakes, nearby beach forests and the lighthouse with its stunning 360 degree views can be enjoyed by Quad Bike. Quad Tracks going through thick dune forests and half-pipe like sand pits found 4 - 5km North of Ponta do Ouro near the 360 degree Restaurant is a popular hangout for Quad bikers.
There are numerous restaurants and bars in area where you can enjoy the taste of local cuisine with seafood and peri peri half Portuguese chickens been some of the favourites amongst visitors.

When the sun goes down, Ponta do Ouro's vibrant atmosphere doesn't stop just there. Family and Friends take their social gathering out into town where they can share their days activities with laughter and music whilst indulging in delicious local cuisine and drinks. Partygoers can let their hair down and enjoy dancing and Mozambique's famous Tipo Tinto Rum & Rasberry (R&R) which goes on till late in the night

There is a great variety of walk-in beach bars and restaurants all over Ponta do Ouro. The main road going through Ponta do Ouro is packed with holiday makers especially during the holidays seasons. Late night music, dance floors and R&R's (a popular mix of Tipo Tinto rum and Raspberry Sparletta) can be enjoyed for all who want to let their hair down after a fun day in the sun.
Ponta do Ouro does require a 4x4, so this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage and to get a little rugged.

Mozambique and Ponta do Ouro is a 4x4'ers dream that will test your 4x4 skills with every stretch of dirt road that lies ahead of you. It is the best way to experience Mozambique in it truest form.

Wrangle your 4x4 through thick dune forests, along inland flood plains and marshlands, up on top of high sand dunes with 360 degree views and on the edge of numerous large inland lakes, home to a wide variety of bird species and small game such as Inyala, Red Duiker, Reedbuck, Suni, Crocodiles and Hippos.

Venture North and visit some of the spectacular inlands lakes that are only a scenic 4x4's drive away. Lakes recommended to visit:

LAKE SUGI: Closest lake to Ponta do Ouro with a couple of lake side bars to enjoy a sundowner at.
Max Length: 1.26km Max Width: 660m Location: Approx. 6km North of Ponta do Ouro and just outside Ponta Malongane.
LAKE SOTIVA: the second closest lake almost 3 times the size of Lake Sugi.
Max Length: 2.84km Max Width: 2.25km Location: Approx. 18.2km North West of Ponta do Ouro.
LAKE PITI: Just South of Ponta Dobela and within the Maputo Elephant Reserve is the massive Lake Piti
Max Length: 7.96km Max Width: 4.46km Location: Approx. 30km North of Ponta do Ouro.


1. Make sure you have the necessary documents with you before arriving at the border.
2. Please keep to a slow speed, 20km in town and residential areas and 40km/h outside the residential areas. And be especially careful around blind corners!.
3. There are small children and animals on the road so be careful as you will be in serious trouble if you knock someone down and it is fatal!.
4. No drinking and driving, which everyone does here - be careful as there are heavy fines.
5. Drive slowly here and respect the locals who might have no choice but to walk in the road, might not hear you approaching etc. This is their town and they are not as fortunate as you to drive a car so please respect them and take your time and thank them for moving out of the way. This is the real africa and we know you have plenty time so drive slowly and see the town and country side or drive fast and be locked up in the police station for the night with a hefty fine.
6. No under 18 drivers.
7. No Quad bikes after 22:00 hours.
8. Please keep to existing roads and do not venture onto the dunes or untouched vegetation, thereby minimising your impact on the environment. Keep in mind this was a war zone and undetected land mines might still be in the region.
9. Vehicles without silencers are not allowed in built up areas.
10. All drivers must have a valid drivers license with them at all times including your passport, registration and temporary import and third party insurance papers.
11. No Quad Bikes or Motor Bikes are allowed in the Special Maputo Elephant reserve.
12. Offenders will have their vehicles confiscated if any of the above is disregarded.
13. Tricks, doughnuts and wheelies are not permitted.
14. No Driving on the beach is permitted.
15. Only vehicles launching and retrieving boats or jetski’s are allowed on the beach in the launch site. Not adhering to this law may result in a 20,000 Mts spot fine (+-R7,000). Please ensure you are totally familiar with the laws and regulations before towing your vessel into the launch area.
16. Be aware of swimmers and other bay users and keep children under supervision at all times while watching for boats that might be returning to the beach.
1. All Vessels require a launch permit - obtain yours from the Port captain on your arrival at a costs of 600 Mts (Boats); 500 Mts (Jetski’s). You can find the Port Captains office on the lower road heading out of town north 200 meters past the petrol station on the left hand side of the road.
2. Boats and JetSki’s are not permitted within 300m of Whales and Dolphins.
3. No Launching of Jet Skis other than fishing ones is permitted - this is under review for now so please check for updates on a regular basis as it could be strictly enforced in the near future.
4. Do not discard any rubbish overboard.
5. Catching of bottom fish, sharks and marine mammals is prohibited.
6. Feeding of Dolphins is prohibited.
7. Sale of Fish is prohibited.
8. Ten fish per per person(licensed) per species may be landed.
9. Billfish if landed and not released (preferably) incur a charge of 150 Meticais/fish when you return to beach.
10. Jetskis are NOT allowed to play in the bay, launch site or swim areas and must remain at least 100 meters from the low water mark. Please stay clear of bathers, surfers, kite boarders and marine mammals.
1. No climbing of any dunes is permitted especially the ones at the point, which we are trying to rehabilitate.
2. Please do not leave your litter on the beach after a great day in the sun or evening sundowners. These beaches are kept clean by the same people that take you out on diving trips and dolphin encounters as there is no municipal system in place.
1. No climbing of any dunes is permitted especially the ones at the point, which we are trying to rehabilitate.
2. Please do not leave your litter on the beach after a great day in the sun or evening sundowners. These beaches are kept clean by the same people that take you out on diving trips and dolphin encounters as there is no municipal system in place.
1.The collection of Corals and Shells is not permitted on the beach or when scuba diving.
2.The purchase of jewelry & souvenirs made from turtles and Ivory is prohibited.
3.The collection o purchasing of Aquarium fish is not permitted.
1. The collection of Corals and Shells is not permitted on the beach or when scuba diving.
2. The purchase of jewelry & souvenirs made from turtles and Ivory is prohibited.
3. The purchasing of any wildlife is prohibited including Snakes, Tortoises, Chameleons, Monkeys, Jackal, Buck etc. Please support this initiative to secure the bio-diversity in the region and report anyone trying to sell you anything to Sandy Probert on +258 84-847-8110 or William Maliepaard on +258 84-200-3749
4. Do not try and catch any of these animals as well -- even if it is to show your friends and family.
3. Do not feed any of the above either. We have managed to avoid a vervet monkey problem here by not doing this so please do not be the first to start this problem here.
3. The collection o purchasing of Aquarium fish is not permitted.
There are numerous Scuba diving companies that have concessions as you have in Sodwana that may take tourists out to the various dive coral reefs. You may not bring your own private boat here to take your own students or paying guests out. The Scuba diving companies listed in our activities page are the only scuba diving companies permitted to take anyone on a Scuba dive.
Currently according to regulations you are not permitted to snorkel with dolphin, Whales Sharks or Manta’s and especially whales but the authorities have agreed to allow two concessions this opportunity who have a strict code of conduct and ethics that you need to adhere to when joining them on a snorkeling trip.
Please respect the local community and keep in mind you are not in South Africa any more and are now hosted by people who have had a rough life and deserve to be treated respectfully. Respect their privacy, cultural heritage, habits, and traditions and we assure you they will be more than willing to please you.

Respect their property boundaries and private properties and do not think you can go anywhere you wish even in town in the old dilapidated buildings as the owners sometimes still live in these ruins.
Litter is a huge problem here in Ponta do Ouro so please do not throw bottles, cigarette boxes etc out of your car windows as there is no cleaning refuse collection agency here resulting in the few business in the region having to regularly do huge cleanups. Join our Facebook page to volunteer your services when you are in town if we are doing one of our regular beach, town or roads cleanup.

Environment Etiquette

Scuba Diving (especially photographers and videographers) Dive etiquette for underwater photographers Please try to be polite underwater, respect marine life while diving and set a good example for others. These underwater etiquette guidelines are not in any particular order.

• Don’t grab on to coral.

• Don’t damage a reef just to get a shot.

• Be extremely careful when shooting around sea fans, e.g. – pygmy sea horses, not to damage the sea fan.

• If you are getting to close to coral, gently push away with one finger on the area with the least amount of growth, preferable a dead zone, or push away with a lembeh stick.

• Don’t silt up an area before or after taking a photograph. Often I see photographs "flutter kick away" after taking a shot, ruining the shot for others. They usually don't realize they are doing this. Learn how to frog kick, and do it slowly.

• When waiting for another photographer, give them some distance; make sure you wait down current so silt is not carried to the photo subject. Photographers will often change position while taking a shot, sometimes stretching their legs back. This is why you must stay back further than you may think.

• If other photographers are waiting, take turns photographing the subject, everyone's time is valuable; discuss hand signals with your buddy ahead of time if you want to "work" a subject for a while that you found, make sure you let the other person get some shot's first.

• When diving with others, you should always discuss dive etiquette rules ahead of time. Agree on how long each photographer will spend with a subject.

• Regarding buoyancy - I believe that most people don't realize when they have bad buoyancy, or the tendency to silt up the area. If you see your buddy doing this, think of a way to politely mention it to them, and ask them to tell you if they see you doing the same thing.

• Always show your friends interesting subjects that you find. They will really appreciate it.
ETHICAL MARINE MAMMAL TOURISM - DOLPHINCARE-AFRICA CODE OF CONDUCT Throughout Mozambique special species are subject to human encounters which can be detrimental to their well-being. Take a stand and follow the code! Be aware & Take care!

The code of conduct was originally created for Dolphin Encountours and offers participants in commercial dolphin swim programs knowledge and skills that can empower best practice for learning about marine mammals and includes in-water observations of wild dolphins, guided by a strict code of conduct and qualified guides. We refer to this code in preparation for, during and after in-water observations of wild dolphins. The ethical marine mammal code is based on DolphinCare-Africa research findings, obtained from longterm fieldwork that has a reliable, repeatable and recordable methodology for observing dolphins in the wild.

BOAT CODE •Vessels are not to approach marine mammals within 300 meters.

•Approach from the side & leave a seaward gap.

•No person will chase, herd, catch, kill, harass, feed or disturb marine mammals at any time.

•No boats are to trawl through dolphins. Reel in if dolphins are present.

•Keep a slow, steady speed without changing course 5km. Should bow-riding occur, avoid any sudden direction changes.

•Minimize noise disturbance by maintaining a slow, steady speed.

•Do not approach dolphins/whales with jet skis.

•Marine mammals have right of way.

•Refrain from interference if signs of disturbance are apparent (change of directional swimming, fast ‘escape’ swimming, extended dive times, erratic directional surfacing, distress-related behaviours).

•Avoid mother and calf pairs / nursery pods.

•Keep noise levels to a minimum. (No shouting or loud whistling).

•Limit your viewing time to 20 minutes.

•Do not pursue if they move off.

•Limit the amount of vessels to one within 300mt.

•Refrain from swimming with marine mammals unless with authorized operators.

•If in the event you find yourself in the company of dolphins or whales in the water remain calm.

SWIM CODE In-water conduct Once in the water stay in a group with your swim guide/facilitator.

Wait quietly for the dolphins to approach you.

Follow the dolphin swim guide/facilitator who has been trained on how to interact with the wild dolphins and monitor their behavior

Do not swim directly at the dolphins or on top of them.

Do not swim frantically towards the dolphins or after them.

Swim slowly and calmly causing as little turbulence as possible.

Under no circumstances touch dolphins.

The use of underwater scooters is not permitted.

The use of underwater camera flash is not permitted.

For more info on Ethical Marine Mammal Tourism and Info on the Dolphins of Ponta please visit

Police - Contact : Commandant Sidique Bilo on +258-84-748-4177

Ponta do Ouro police have a zero tolerance for all inappropriate behavior especially where regulations are being contravened. At ALL times respect them (as you should all the locals) if they request papers from you for your vehicle passports etc., which you should always keep with you. Many people have been thrown in jail after a few R&R’s disrespecting the police and have spent the night in jail and paid heavy fines for this! The police station can be found by turning right at the intersection before you hit the centre of town at the top of the hill and is on your right about 200 meters down the road driving South.

Marine Reserve - Contact Miguel Gonclaves on +258- 82-727-6434 The Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine reserve was opened on the 17th May by Mr Fernando Sumbana, Mozambique’s Minister of Tourism. The official headquarters of the Partial Marine reserve is found past the police station on your left probably about 1/2km on your left hand side.
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