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Pemba Accommodation - Pemba is the capital of Cabo Delgado province in the far north of Mozambique, 250 km from the Tanzanian border. It sits on a peninsula jutting into the wide Pemba Bay, with coral reefs close to shore. East of the center, the long white-sand Wimbi Beach is backed by palm trees. The town is a jumping-off point for Quirimbas National Park to the north, which is home to dolphins, whales and endangered dugongs.

Pemba Accommodation

is served by flights from Johannesburg / Maputo with LAM and is accessible by road for the more adventurous traveler with time to spare but A 4x4 is recommended.

Pemba was formerly known as Porto Amelia, and is the stunning gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago and Quirimbas National Park

. The Niassa National Reserve can also be reached via Pemba.
With its relaxed feel and gorgeous architecture, it is no wonder that
Pemba is such a popular Mozambique tourist destination.

Pemba is full of modern amenities such as an airport, banks, shops, and restaurants, as well as a huge market where many great supplies can be bought. The old part of Pemba also has traditional markets to explore which is the place to go for beautiful arts and crafts (especially work by the Makonde people which is renowned) and handmade silverware.

Pemba Bay forms a huge harbour and stunning coral reefs lie close to shore providing wonderful diving and snorkelling adventures. The surrounding landscape of bay have forests of Baobab trees growing down to the shoreline. The most popular beaches are Wimbe and Farol for accommodation and restaurants. Dhow safaris are a popular way to sail around the bay and beyond. There are great beaches further north of Pemba or visitors can hop on a flight to visit the Quirimbas Islands.

The best time to travel to Pemba
. A good time to travel to Pemba is in the dry season which is from May to November when it is less humid. Hot and humid conditions, with irregular but sometimes heavy rainfall and monsoon winds occur from December to April.

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