Marracuene and Macaneta Accommodation Holiday Resorts

Marracuene and Macaneta Accommodation - Macaneta is a peninsula island just 33km north of Maputa and forms a part of the Marracuene district within the Maputo province. Earlier known as Vila Luísa, Marracuene is situated on the Incomati River. The beaches of Macaneta are magnificent, perhaps the reason it was a favourite colonial holiday destination, and on a short trip when on the island south to Ponta da Macaneta, you will find an old shipwreck and catch a glimpse of Xefina Island.

Since the discovery of Mozambique by its colonial tenants,

Marracuene and in fact Macaneta

itself was considered a popular tourist destination due to its 33.8km long beach on the Indian Ocean. Formerly the town also served as a key link in the Lourenço Marques Railway System and a key port in this popular trade route.

Macaneta forms the peninsula of Marracuene

and is made up of a narrow band of sandy ground stretching in a northerly to southerly direction approximately 12km in length, 2kms wide, at an altitude of 65m. It forms the barrier between the Incomati river estuary and the Mozambique channel.

According to the history books February 2, 1895, Marracuene was the site of a decisive battle between Portuguese commander António Enes and Ronga emperor Gungunyane. The Portuguese defeated the larger Ronga forces by means of repeating rifles and a machine gun and the anniversary of the battle is celebrated by the locals each year.

The district of Marracuene has a surface area of 703 km2 and an estimated population of approximately 61 000 inhabitants. The name Marracuene is popularly believed to refer to the original owner / operator of the riverboat transportation crossing between the mainland and Macaneta. His name was Muzrakwene, the security chief for the then king Maphungaa.

Today Mozambique is a peaceful country with a growing economy, it is an ideal tourist destination with a fantastic culture, cuisine and a melting pot of people.

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