Kangela Estate

Kangela Beach Estate in Ponta Malongane Mozambique is situated just North of the Malongane point, about an half hour (16 km) sand road drive from the Kosi Bay Border. A 4 x 4 vehicle will be needed to access the area. All houses at Kangela Beach Estate have their own parking and are situated close to the beautiful uninterrupted Ponta Malongane beach.

Kangela Houses available for Rental are - Kangela House 1, Kangela House 2, Kangela House 4, Kangela House 6, Kangela House 7, Kangela House 10, Kangela House 11, Kangela House 13, and Kangela House 14,

Quad bikes, jet skis and boats are parked at the entrance of the estate and can be launched from the Ponta Malongane Dive Centre (PMDC) All diving is booked and launched at the PMDC, which is next door to the estate. Dive briefing takes place at 17h00 each evening and reservations are then made for the next day. Snorkelling trips can also be organised at the same venue.

Deep-sea fishing charters are available in Ponta do Ouro. Surf fishing is good from the beach, the most likely catches are kingfish, stumpnose, pompano and shad.
Horse riding is available at Ponta Mamoli, a half-hour north of the house. Birding is a lovely sunset activity at the lake just outside the estate.

Turtles lay their eggs between Nov and February which you can witness if you take a stroll on the beach in the evenings after dark. The hatchlings make their way to the ocean from Jan to March. Humpback and Southern Right Whale sightings are prolific from July to Nov. Pods of dolphins can be seen all year round. Lastly, the Elephant Game Park is 20 km northwest of Kangela Estate.

There are a few restaurants in Ponta Malongane. They have a local Portuguese flavour, are fairly rustic with beautiful views over Sugi Lake. They are five mins from the Estate and very walkable.

Ponta Do Ouro has a bank, bottle store, pharmacy, surf shops, fishing tackle shop, deli, hardware store, petrol station, internet cafe, supermarket, (limited) craft and curio market and a colourful food market where you can buy fruit and veg are grown locally, alcohol, cigarettes, airtime, prawns, cashews, bread and the like. Quad bikes, surfboards and kite surfing equipment can be hired, and lessons are available in Ponta D’ouro.

Ice can be bought at this market or from the shebeens closer to home in Ponta Malongane village.

Kangela Estate Units

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