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Inhaca Island Accommodation - Inhaca Island is an outstanding natural heritage site situated in the south of Mozambique. It is across Maputo Bay from the country’s capital making it an ideal weekend get away for people working in Maputo or tourists who would like to experience both urban and rural Mozambique. Access to the island is by boat.

Inhaca Island is a great diving and snorkeling destination

. The island has a wealth of unspoiled coral reefs, untouched fish life, and pristine beaches. On a dive, you will see staghorn, plate coral, moray eel, potato bass, large schools of barracuda and kingfish, as well as an abundance of dolphins, whale sharks, and manta rays.
The maximum diving depth is 30 meters, with visibility reaching between 10 and 30 meters. The average water temperature is 22-27 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy a walk along sand dunes, swimming and snorkeling at Inhaca Island, Spanning 52 sq km (20 sq mi), the island features a variety of ecosystems. Offshore coral reefs, some of the most southern in the world, offer fabulous snorkeling opportunities, while palm-lined paths and mangrove forests provide pleasant hiking conditions, with the chance to observe pelicans and flamingos on the way.

There is plenty to

do and see on Inhaca Island

. Take a dhow trip to Portuguese island, a lovely isolated spot where no one but a guide lives. Walk along the beach to the Marine Biology Station where research is carried out, and visit the museum which exhibits examples of all the animal, insect, plant and fish life indigenous to the island. Explore the interior of the island by land rover.

Fishing is excellent on the island especially from the lighthouse where there is a wreck to see if you go snorkeling. Other amazing snorkeling and diving spots are at Santa Maria (at the bottom tip of the island) and the famous coral gardens. There is also a good surf spot on the island.

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