Baleia Azul Estate

Baleia Azul Estate is located between Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli - 20 km North of Ponta do Ouro.
Just a 45 minute drive from the Kosi Bay border, This private Luxury self catering accommodation is situated close to the beach.

Baleia Azul Estate is one of the most luxurious self-catering lodges in Mozambique.
They offer a tranquil setting with beautiful surroundings.

Baleia Azul - Activities in the near by areas.
2km to Ponta Mamoli Diving Camp.
Renowned shore fishing site.
Shallow reef snorkelling.
Boat and Jet Ski Beach launch.
Turtle watching.
Bird watching.
Fly fishing.
Kite and wind surfing.
Deep sea fishing.
Horseback riding (Ponta Mamoli).
Quad biking.
Excellent 4 wheel driving.
15 km from Maputo Elephant Game Park.
15 km to Ponta D’Oro (Restaurants, medical and shops).
Dolphin and Whale sightings from Lodge decks.
Excellent Bird Life.

When is the best time of year to visit Mozambique?
All year round the weather is great.

Do I need a 4 wheel drive vehicle? Yes, or a vehicle with diff lock.

What larger areas are you near to?
Ponta Malongane and Ponta Do Ouro.

Is the water safe to drink in Mozambique?
Our water comes from a borehole so is fine to use for washing and cooking, however we do advise you bring drinking water.

What should I bring?
Beach Towels.
Insect Repellants.
Food & Beverage.
Drinking Water.
Sun block and Hat.
Umbrella & Beach chairs.

Is there cell phone reception?
Yes, including international roaming.

Are there any medical facilities nearby?
The closest hospital is in Manguzi in South Africa, which is a 75 minute drive from Baleia Azul.
Bear in mind the border between Mozambique and South Africa closes from 5 pm and reopens at 8 am.

Baleia Azul Estate Units

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